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Machine made carpet
It is a kind of carpet which is woven by machines and it gets woven fast and also it is much cheaper than hand made.

Carpet in the history of our country shows that the product has lived in Iran for almost 40 years. At the beginning of the 50s the first carpet domestic production in factories velvet and silk Kashan by machine knitting, velvet, jacquard and synthetic fibers shiny and relatively short Perez and lightweight, braided and was released. At the same time, some merchants, Made with the same specifications and entered the Iranian market was somewhat better than Belgium and Iranian tastes familiar with the phenomenon carpet. Seeing all very well that the people of carpet gave to the owners of the industrial city (House Azure) from industrialists and investors reputable country, established a big company called Industry Kashan ( carpet RAVAND ) that its activities in the field Manufacture of carpets and carpet itself and its first product was launched in 1353. This product is quite different from previous ones and has many similarities to that particular type of woolen carpet it was obvious the public. Subsequently, other companies, including companies Shhbaf later renamed Gilan carpet and carpet companies and Moulin Rouge Persia (as Iran) and carpet Ekbatan established and competed. This lasted until the late 57 typically large companies and carpet producers were competing with each other. After the confiscation of property and installations of Iranian capitalism in 58, including national companies (confiscated), factories carpet available as well as hundreds of other manufacturing under the management of government agencies like National Industries Organization of Iran , the Foundation for the Oppressed and War Veterans and income and public administrators are often less experienced and alien to industry issues, was appointed to manage these large plants and valuable and then downhill curve has deteriorated to the life of the plants. In 57 the number of experts in the textile industry and those involved in carpet manufacturing machine as well as a number of manufacturers, which up to that time in other fields Textile were thinking of creating new units carpet fell and factories such as carpet Solomon, Mashhad Carpet, Carpet Shiraz (Dnazh ), rugs Mazandaran, Carpets ancient and stars Desert and some other parts of the country and the cars of the time, like Vandeuil ALD61 and AL1 and TEXTIMA start working out and hence the evolution of carpet in the private sector and one stop after another large installations covered by the state apparatus began. With the gradual transition specialists working in big factories to factories emerging new competition in the field of carpet in the midst of the private sector was, but fundamental change in carpet manufacturing machine in the country since 65 began this evolution will create more than 1,600 large and small producers were rugs that are currently competing.

Production methods
Carpet is produced by different machines and devices that can Van de Wiele , Schonherr , Alpha, CRX, ASR, VTR and so on. Carpets made of acrylic or BCF can also mix culture of the two, or synthetic Jdydabryshm fibers (polyester) are. It is noteworthy that carpets 100% acrylic quality and higher price, but pitching Rayon now because of Przdhy and rinse very easy and stability and high brightness in global markets as the best flooring taken into consideration as well as the carpets on shoulder 350-440 - 500-700 thousand divided shoulder. Density carpets can also be based on the type of machine and the shoulder is between 700 to 3500.

The reeds and density
Each tile has a density of two types: transverse and longitudinal
Transverse density carpets (shoulder): the number of roots (tie dye) in width one meter of carpet to say that the name is known shoulder. For example: carpets 500 shoulder width per meter of carpet, it means that 500 root (node colors) woven Ast.shanhhayy which typically are on the market include: 220-250-280-320-350- 380-400-440-500-700-1000Shanh
During carpet density (density): the numbers of roots (tie dye) in one meter of carpet during say. For example, in one meter of carpet over carpet with a density of 700 700 root (tie dye) is woven density that typically are on the market include: 300-400-500-600-700-800 George is -900-1000-1400-2550-3000-3200
(The length density due to different methods of carpet weaving machine is different with each other)
The number of roots (tie dye) in one square meter of carpet density multiplied by the density of longitudinal and transverse say. For example, if the number of nodes in the colors of 700 knots and 900 knots during the corresponding color. The number of roots (tie dye) in a square meter 630/000 = 900x700

In the carpet manufacturer
Factories carpet in most cities in the country, but depending on the facilities in some cities of the plurality of more that can be the beginning of Kashan and Aran Bidgol as the capital of carpet Iran in the city more than 700 units engaged in carpet production the machine is active. It also produces carpet in the cities of Mashhad , Stagecoach , Yazd , Isfahan and Tehran , Maku as well.
Hamrahan Pishro Tejarat has been exporter of Iran's machine made carpet to china.
We could also take part as exhibitors in Shanghai DOMOTEX exhibition in 2017.