Hamrahan Pishro Tejarat CO.


Here you can see a list of customers since 1996:

  1. Axxicon company: Industrial formats manufacturer from the Netherland
  2. Imamat project in holy city of Mashhad owned by the armed forces
  3. City Hotel project in Tehran owned by the Tehran municipality
  4. Hoveiza Hotel project in Tehran owned by the foundation for the oppressed organization
  5. Equipping the nuclear physics lab of the Organization for Industrial Development and Renovation
  6. Employee cooperative of the ministry of housing, roads and urban development
  7. The technical and construction organization of Tehran municipality
  8. Employee cooperative of Mellat bank
  9. Yas department store owned by the police force
  10. Sardab Yazd Company, contractor to ministry of energy
  11. Ministry of industry, mines and commerce (office of procurement)
  12. Supplier of consumer products for research projects of Isfahan Azad University
  13. Trading services for contractors of Shiraz municipality
  14. Trading operation of Imen Sazan Company (importer of cctv equipment)
  15. Trade services for Nik Asa vision company (importer of medical equipment)
  16. Pars Sabalan Rading Company (importer of car and construction machinery tires)
  17. Imports for the representative of Belgian company Atlas copco in Iran
  18. Exporter of Kaashan Mohtasham carpets
  19. Cooling project (transport machinery for molten material) Khuzestan steel
  20. Exporter of Derakhshan Negin Kashan carpets
  21. Importer of GGM and GASTRO of Germany
  22. Orkid Company
  23. Advisor and importer of tire for community of tire importer of Iran
  24. Sanaii trade house
  25. Namroo Tejarat Company