Hamrahan Pishro Tejarat CO.



We successfully established more branches in China and Hong Kong. Here is some of the most important services and potentials of Hamrahan-e Pishro Tejarat Co.:
1. Buying goods on behalf of you and then sending them to you.

2. Providing investment advices and monitoring the process of commercial contracts.

3. Sending invitation letters from Iran to individuals or companies, hotel booking and providing opportunity to visit Iran's factories.

4.Clearing imported goods and delivering them to your customers in Iran, in different ways of DDP, DAP, and DAT;

5.Transiting all your goods from Iran to other countries including: Iraq, Turkey, Tajikistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and all Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea;

6.Providing an opportunity to register a branch of your company in Iran;

7.providing services for opening a bank account, either for you or your company, in all public and private Iranian banks; providing internet portal for selling your goods and services directly online in Iranian currency (Riyal);

8.providing  markets to sell your products, commercial goods, and services in cash ,in Iran money transportation anywhere in the world as soon as possible. You can send the money in T.T and change it to your desired currency (Euro, Dollar, Yuan, etc.) through banking systems or exchange centers authorized by Central Bank of Iran. Having this services at hand, you need not to worry about money return, earned from exporting goods to Iran;

9.Providing advices about different kinds of good's insurance in Iran, through valid insurance companies such as Asia, Iran, Pasargad, etc.;

10.Giving official receipts and documents approved by Iran Tax Administration office and vat certificate for selling goods and services to government or private agencies in Iran,. Therefore, you can get your money back without any loss, then, we are responsible for paying tax of goods and sold services in Iran;

We are equipped by modern warehouses to depot goods, imported to Iran, Tehran;

Marketing for your commercial goods and services in Iran, Tajikistan and Iraq;

11.Pre-buying agricultural products from Iranian farms (date, pistachios, and dried fruits), exporting them to you with your desired packaging style along with required documents for customs in a target country, including: certification of plant protection and observing standards, plant health certificate, certificate of origin, and OFLOTAXIN;

12.Providing various transportation services (marine, rail, and road) to send goods all over the country, Iran;

13.Providing opportunities to invest on commercial projects in your country;

14.Giving commercial representation to you or your company to enable you promote commercial services in your country;

15.consulting  services for investment in  Iran's stock markets ; technical analysis of capital markets in Iran along with free evaluation of your company.

It is our pleasure to be able to help you in any case anytime. We are ready to respond to your question, 24 hours a day, by fax, email, telephone and...

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